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products introduction
1. Feeding system
  *continuous preform feeding system。
  *Multiple protection device for precise preform feeding and ejecting
    unqualified preforms。
2.transfer and heating system
  *Horizontal rotation transfer system to eliminate preform flipping。
  *compact preform-chain pitch design for efficient heating and reduce
    energy consumption。
  *cooling ramps throughout for maximum preform neck pretection。
  *excellent ventilation system to ensure cool preform surface。
  *infrared heaat sensor for preform temperature monitoring。
  *easy access for heater maintenance and lamp changing。
3Transfer and fetch system 
  *servo motor driven preform transfer system for quick transfer and
    precise preform locating.。
4.blowing and clamping system
  *servo motor driven system  with synchronized base blow mold for fast
    response operation。
  *precision electromagnetic valves for fast responding time and high
    volume production。
 5.control system
  *touch-panel control ssytem for simple operation。
  *10.4 inch LCD touch screen with 64Kcolors。
  *all electric mechanism to ensure high-speed operation and precise locating。
  *design for quick mold change。
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