AL-6000S more

model unit al-6000s
container max.container volume L 0.6
max.inlet outer diameter mm 38
max.container diameter mm 65
max.container height mm 260
number of cavities PC 6
theoretical output bph 6000(*)
electrical installed power KW 67
max.heating power KW 64
compressedair operating pressure Mpa 0.7
low pressure air consuming L/min 2000
blowing pressure Mpa 3.5
hight pressure air consuming L/min 3000-4000(**)
chiller water pressure Mpa 0.3-0.5
temperature C 10-12
flow rate L/min 50
machine dimension size(lwh) M
wehght KG 5500

(*)Depending on bottle size, shape and weight.

(**)Depending on bottle size and operating conditions.


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